Saturday, June 27, 2015

Still Rocking (sorry)

So I got to explore more with rock creation today.  Once I get my actual laptop withing the next two weeks, I can start doing more custom shapes.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Chaos Rock and TrimBorder

I saw a video on Youtube that showed a section of Brushes that do not load by default in zBrush.  One of the brushes, a TrimBorder, turns out to be incredibly neat for sculpting rocks.  It's messy, but I see its effect.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Torso Iteration and the Clay Brush

I knew my college gave us free access to, but I never used it at all.  So I decided to browse it and see if there was anything I could learn from zBrush.  There was actually a couple of interesting lessons by Ryan Kittleson.  One of the powerful things I picked up was actually how effective the Clay brush is for making circles. 

Something I did with this that I haven't done before: I completely reworked the chest region.    In Ryans videos, he said that you should try and do iterations of design until you are happy. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Male Torso Anatomy

For this sculpt, I put together a few references on my Pinterest boards and used them to guide me in the sculpt.  I've taken a figure drawing class, but I figured I should at least get a sculpt of a torso with anatomy.

The torso came out okay.  I know I got my major muscle groups covered, as well as using crevices to add some depth to areas in the back and the pectorals.  I also used polypaint this time, and tried to capture pigments of the skin using Alpha's and different drawing methods from the brushes.

Tree Sculpt and Negative Space

It's been a few days, but I was able to squeeze in a sculpt.  I choose a tree to do mainly because of the negative shapes.  Negative space helps with robot design by using empty space to create a recognizable shape.  In addition to negative space, I tried to utilize Sub-tools for the branches to see if it would speed up the process.  It might be smarter to leave those branches out of the model and add them in for the low poly.  Furthermore, I tried to build up a bit of texture in the mesh using brushes.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hard-Surface Torso/First Post!

Hello!  This is my first try at a blog.  I think I'm doing things right so far...

Today I watched Michael Pavlovich YouTube videos, and I got a solid look into a set of brushes for creating the best hard surface look.  Some of those brushes included the hPolish and Damien Standard.  I wanted to try it out, so I just used the male base mesh that comes with zBrush 4R6.

The hPolish and Damien Standard give me the nice surface and cuts I need to help sell a cyborg look.