Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Astromus Props: Medical Bed

Back at it again with the Astromus Props!  This is a prop that has been in-game, but has no solid UV's and good texture maps to it.  Instead of using Substance Painter I used Quixel Suite 2.0.  I've developed a sensible workflow for the software using the folders made upon New Project.  I saw this model from start to finish and it's one of my favorite props in the game.  These renders were taken from inside of Quixel Suite 2.0.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Astromus Prop: Ventilation Machine

In this game, there is a Gas Room that players must use to knockout an alien. I had dressed the room with pillars and a decor piece and special floors for my particle system.  However, the decor pieces looked bad and I made a Ventilation machine.  

This prop feels much better than the other one beforehand.  There's a vent material that is near the back end of the asset that is not shown in here.  It is set up in the Unity scene though but I choose to render with Substance Designer.   Time is my biggest enemy right now with a deadline on May 28th, which means I have to roll with this.  It's still a nice prop.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Astromus Environment Props: Decor Pillar

At this stage in my Capstone Project, the bigger assets have been completed and can be iterated upon. One of the props see that you'll see in the environment is this DecorPillar.  This pillar was done with a combination of Quixel Suite and Substance Designer.  I really enjoy the functionality of Quixel Suite and nDo because of the ability to create normal details without a high poly. Combining Capstone with 3 other classes can suck up tons of time, and I needed to be smart.  A lot of details were done with the marquee tool and basic Photoshop patterns.  Currently, for art in this game, I can slow down a bit and iterate on work. I'll more likely tighten up the paint and metal separation with a sharpen mask in Substance.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Environment: Astromus [Capstone Project]

It feels like a waste of a day.  Working at Target really takes up my time that could be spent furthering myself.  I spent a couple hours trying to figure out an animation issue with the alien monster in-game. I solved 50% of it, but I feel the problem falls into the movement that is coded in the engine by the programmers. I'll see if they would like to discuss it and hopefully come up with a plan.

For tonight, I'll share some screenshots of the environment so far.  This week I hope to generate some images to get some feedback on Polycount about what to do to help spice it up.  We have until May 28th, so as much as I want to play Uncharterd, Doom, Overwatch, I need to get on my grind.

Lighting work was also done by Hector Medina, and a tiny fraction of myself.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

I'm here! Don't you worry!

I've been incredibly busy and I'm sorry for the lack of updates! I've been putting my energy and focus on my Capstone Project at DePaul and pushing myself into new places for 3D.  We're reaching a state where art has slowed down and I'll hopefully be able to keep up to date on here more often now.

My goals for today:
-Today, I've set out to complete a walk-cycle animation cycle.  It's based of the movie MAMA and her body movements.  
-I'll have to head out to work for today, where I'll sit down and do some sketches on my breaks. 
-When I come home tonight at ~11:30 p.m, I'll get my Twitch Stream of my ZBrush sculpt up for people to watch and also observe myself.  

For now, here are some concepts I've made for the capstone game I'm working on!