Sunday, March 5, 2017

Back from GDC!

I was nervous attending GDC for many reasons: work, money, time, distance and etc.  Man, was that a dumb list of things to wory about.  I feel a new fire within to create more.  One of the many great highlights was meeting Josh Lynch and watching his Material work at the Substance Booth.  He makes it so easy with his workflow.

Now back to the bunker lab scene.  Some feedback I received from the Polycount Meetup was to place cobwebs into the scene to add more story to the piece.  I added WPO to that and created a water material with WPO as well.  The concrete wall material has reached a nice pass but I'd like to give more narrative to it, perhaps through decals.  This week, I'll look into creating some foliage that will begin to seep from above, as well as starting the pile of rubble from the exposed concrete

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