Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Keepin it freshhh

I took a bit of a break to wind into a new scene for my portfolio.  Meanwhile, I finished watching Jacob Norris's tutorial and gave it a crack.  Might need to do some more touching with the gloss map, but its a good piece thus far.  

Two week ago, I was interviewing with Bioware for a Prop Artist position.  Unforutnatly, I did not suceed at the art test.  It really stung after spending a whole weekend doing the work at time, only to screw up like that.  With that said, I know that I can make noteworthy contents, but I need to get much faster.  Moving forward, I need to work with that in mind.  That, or hope to god NetherRealm will take me in as a Prop Artist.

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