Saturday, September 3, 2016

Mom! Whats this green stuff?

Commuting to Chicago via public transit is terrible.  Somedays I'd leave the studio at 5:50 and wouldn't be home till 9:00.  Getting to work took about 2 hours, with an overall day of commuting coming out to 20$. Gross. That's also solid reason I haven't been documenting my work this week.  Fear not! There will be a car that I can use next week to get to work, cutting my commute down to an hour both ways.

I'm about to put a bow on this environment, but I discovered what Lighting Complexity is in UE4.  It's main purpose is to show texel density for lightmaps across the world.  A lot of my lightmaps were red and bad, so I spent the past two days cleaning up lightmaps.  I"m also cutting back on excessive modularity pieces(the ceiling and floor are all ind 4x4 meshes, when I could just use a flat plane.)

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