Saturday, May 7, 2016

I'm here! Don't you worry!

I've been incredibly busy and I'm sorry for the lack of updates! I've been putting my energy and focus on my Capstone Project at DePaul and pushing myself into new places for 3D.  We're reaching a state where art has slowed down and I'll hopefully be able to keep up to date on here more often now.

My goals for today:
-Today, I've set out to complete a walk-cycle animation cycle.  It's based of the movie MAMA and her body movements.  
-I'll have to head out to work for today, where I'll sit down and do some sketches on my breaks. 
-When I come home tonight at ~11:30 p.m, I'll get my Twitch Stream of my ZBrush sculpt up for people to watch and also observe myself.  

For now, here are some concepts I've made for the capstone game I'm working on!

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