Monday, May 9, 2016

Environment: Astromus [Capstone Project]

It feels like a waste of a day.  Working at Target really takes up my time that could be spent furthering myself.  I spent a couple hours trying to figure out an animation issue with the alien monster in-game. I solved 50% of it, but I feel the problem falls into the movement that is coded in the engine by the programmers. I'll see if they would like to discuss it and hopefully come up with a plan.

For tonight, I'll share some screenshots of the environment so far.  This week I hope to generate some images to get some feedback on Polycount about what to do to help spice it up.  We have until May 28th, so as much as I want to play Uncharterd, Doom, Overwatch, I need to get on my grind.

Lighting work was also done by Hector Medina, and a tiny fraction of myself.

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