Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Astromus Environment Props: Decor Pillar

At this stage in my Capstone Project, the bigger assets have been completed and can be iterated upon. One of the props see that you'll see in the environment is this DecorPillar.  This pillar was done with a combination of Quixel Suite and Substance Designer.  I really enjoy the functionality of Quixel Suite and nDo because of the ability to create normal details without a high poly. Combining Capstone with 3 other classes can suck up tons of time, and I needed to be smart.  A lot of details were done with the marquee tool and basic Photoshop patterns.  Currently, for art in this game, I can slow down a bit and iterate on work. I'll more likely tighten up the paint and metal separation with a sharpen mask in Substance.

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